In 2014 I befriended a local craftsman by the name of Kevin Murray, who owns Rough Design Co., where he builds custom furniture and all sorts of stylish dude stuff. We got to talking when he heard I was a jeweler and I surprised him by knowing what a hobo nickel was.  He had just purchased one from an artist in Georgia named James Boudreau, and he wanted to make it into a ring. James hand engraves unique designs on the surface of vintage buffalo nickels, making them "hobo nickels," continuing an old and very cool American folk craft tradition. We quickly decided that first ring was just the beginning.

I'm excited to present the ongoing collaborative project that's come out of it - Rough/Arcos is a growing line of men's jewelry that we make by hand, in sterling and brass.  We are continually scouring flea markets for lost mementos and carving up new styles inspired by chunky vintage biker rings and rebel tough guy culture.  You can have a look here, and find what's currently available in the shop section (or Kevin's shop, if you don't see it here)!