Wabi Collection

The first of its kind for Arcos - a limited run of one of a kind pieces.  Inspired by a recently acquired parcel of irregular rose cut stones, I set out with the idea of letting each stone's shape dictate the design.  Some were kept simple, others adopted some favorite Arcos design motifs.  But all of them had one thing in common - the stones were set right into the wax pieces I was making, so they went through the intense heating process involved in the lost wax casting.  

The results were totally unpredictable - some aquamarines came out looking beautifully crackled, labradorite took on a matte finish, and some garnets partially exploded, leaving stone fragments embedded in the brass surrounding it.

As a result, I decided on calling it the Wabi collection, because it's been a wabi-sabi experience making it.  Each piece is totally unique, made in its own moment in time, full of pits, cracks and chips and things that might be considered imperfections. But these are what speak to character and process, and I couldn't be happier with how it all came out.

>> All Wabi pieces that are still available can be found in the shop here. <<