Arcos is creative jewelry made by Allison R. Cannarsa.

Originally a student of art history expecting to pursue historic preservation, she instead discovered metal work soon out of college. Self training led to a program in traditional jewelry bench techniques at FIT in NYC. She ended her studies winning first place in the Accessories Council’s Next Generation awards for her final collection of “fashion jewelry” pieces.

Arcos came to life in the following years as a means of expressing herself through a love of handiwork and a fascination with creating small, wearable sculptures for others. All Arcos pieces are designed and made with only her eyes and hands. She has never used a computer design program, and probably wouldn’t be able to figure one out, anyway. Arcos embodies a number of themes she is endlessly drawn to - the subconscious, mystery, ambiguity, spirituality in its many forms, folk arts of all kinds, and of course, history.

She currently lives and works in Jersey City, NJ, sharing her studio space with two cats, a strangely long dog, and her talented husband who records music next door in their bedroom.



What Arcos loves:



^ See into the studio process with this short video shot by Cécile Delepière for Bella Ciao Studio

Studio photos by Alexandra Carillo-Vaccino for Bella Ciao Studio

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